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Website Privacy Notice & Terms of Use Template for Therapy websites Updated June 2021

Thank you for considering purchasing this template.

We are aware that you have a choice to find free templates and create your own wordings, so we appreciate your interest and hope these templates save you time and give you peace of mind.


These templates have been prepared by our London-based solicitors for use by counsellors and psychotherapists on their websites. The Terms of Use template has been written assuming that the websites are “information only” websites. If you provide goods, services or other content for sale via your website, these terms will not cover those activities and we recommend that you consult with your legal representatives.

The Privacy Notice template is intended to be used by an organisation who operates a website but the categories of data being processed, cookies used, data retention periods etc. will ultimately depend on the organisation’s activities. On this basis, this privacy notice should be reviewed and amended accordingly to reflect the organisation’s processing activities.

The templates assume that you are based in the United Kingdom. If you are based elsewhere, you may be able to adapt the terms to suit your local privacy law and we recommend that you consult with your legal representatives if you have questions about what else you may need to include.

I am a therapist in private practice and not a lawyer or a website developer. Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to use. For the avoidance of any confusion, this is not a Privacy Notice for Clients describing how data is collected, processed and stored by you in your private practice activities. It only applies to the use of your website.


This document is

  • Ready for use on your website
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Customisable and editable
  • Updated June 2021 by lawyers

This document is not

  • Is not a GDPR Privacy Notice for your private practice  
  • Is not available to share with others
  • Is not including future updates

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