Traveling Therapist Privacy Pack (GDPR) 


Save time and stress with this template pack containing your GDPR Privacy Notice for clients as well as GDPR related internal policies, email footer and bonus website terms of use and privacy policy. Written and agreed by lawyers in London, UK for use by therapists based in EU/UK or therapists working with clients based in EU/UK. Reviewed and approved 2022.

GDPR Traveling Therapist Document Pack [valued at £245]:
  • Privacy Notice for Clients [GDPR]
  • Record of Data Processing Activities
  • Retention Schedule
  • Data and Cyber Security Policy
  • BONUS Policies for Multiple Employees
  • BONUS Email Footer


This Privacy Policy pack covers your GDPR documentation needs if you are:

➤ A therapist based in the United Kingdom or European Union

➤ A therapist working with clients in the United Kingdom or European Union

This is relevant whether you or your client is relocating permanently, temporarily, visiting on holiday, traveling for work or any number of other reasons.


  1. The Privacy Notice for Clients is client-facing and can be included in your Welcome Pack or sent individually for electronic signature. It explains to clients how their data is collected, processed and stored. We have provided examples to save you time and take the stress out of GDPR.
  2. Record of Data Processing Activities explains to you and any staff within your organization what your data protection responsibilities are and is an internal policy procedure.
  3. The retention schedule is an internal document setting out how long data is stored for and on which legal basis.
  4. Data and Cyber Security Policy explains what data protection and cyber security responsibilities are for you and any employees or contractors. It serves as an internal policy procedure.
  5. ⭐Policies for Multiple Employees applies for anyone operating a group practice or working with employees or independent contractors such as a virtual assistant. [ADDITIONAL POLICY INCLUDED JUST IN CASE]
  6. ⭐The email footer is a disclaimer that goes at the end of your emails after your signature to demonstrate the need for privacy.
  7. ⭐Website Terms of Use are published on your website typically linked in the footer. If you are a US based therapist, you may want to compare or combine this information with your existing website terms of use specific to US based privacy regulations.
  8. ⭐Website Privacy Policy is published on your website, typically linked in the footer and refers to how you process data collected about users of your website. It is not a privacy policy for your practice [see Client Privacy Notice]. If you are a US based therapist, you may want to compare or combine this information with your existing website privacy policy specific to US based privacy regulations.
  9. ⭐Informed Consent additional sections: Add these to your current informed consent document to ensure clarity around jurisdiction and safety.



Following Brexit, we undertook a review and update process with lawyers in January 2021 and March 2021. Lawyers have reviewed and agreed these documents in March 2022.


This document is

  • a massive timesaver!
  • GDPR Privacy Policy for Clients
  • agreed by lawyers March 2022
  • updated format and guidance notes by Tamara Howell May 2022
  • It is your responsibility to check for updates in privacy regulations.
  • DOES contain Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

This document is not

  • is not a training or course
  • is not complicated to complete
  • does not include future updates  

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