Tamara’s Paperwork Pack 


This is THE complete paperwork pack including all the documents I use in my practice. It covers the entire journey of an adult client through my practice from screening call script to intake assessment, my amazingly thorough and compliant GDPR pack and the best bit, my entire therapy contract. Buying this package saves you 35% on individual document prices.


➤You are a counsellor or psychotherapist

➤You are starting or already in private practice

➤You are time-poor and don’t love policy writing

➤You are ready to invest in a paperwork pack that will last your entire career

➤You are based in the United Kingdom or anywhere on Earth (caveat – US therapists will need HIPAA forms)



  • Introductory Call Script
  • Welcome Letter
  • Contact Details Form
  • Release of Information
  • Therapy Contract [Adult Individual Clients]
  • Privacy Notice for Clients [GDPR]
  • Record of Data Processing Activities
  • Retention Schedule
  • Data and Cyber Security Policy
  • GDPR Policies for Multiple Employees
  • Email Footer
  • Intake Assessment [Adult Individual Clients]
  • Professional Will [aka Clinical Will]
  • Session Note/Treatment Plan
  • Progress Report
  • Graduation Summary
  • Client Safety Worksheet
  • Reduced Fee Agreement
  • Invoice/Receipt
  • Covid Policies


Following Brexit, we undertook a review and update process with lawyers in January 2021 and March 2021 on our privacy policies and website terms. All other paperwork was reviewed in 2020 with updated formatting and some terminology in September 2021 by Tamara.


BONUS 1: My Clinical Will workbook contains 120+ questions to help you figure out your own best practices when it comes to closing your practice.

BONUS 2: My Switch to Online Therapy workbook gets your practice organised online fast in 44 questions relating to privacy, finance and GDPR.

BONUS 3: Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy! created by our lawyers june 2021!


This document is

  • Everything Tamara uses
  • Privacy and website terms updated by lawyers March 2021
  • All other docs reviewed by lawyers 2020
  • Updated format and guidance notes by Tamara Howell September 2021
  • It is your responsibility to check for updates in privacy regulations

This document is not

  • Is not the legacy Elevate Package - it has been updated
  • Does not include contracts for couples, groups or children
  • Does not include supervision contracts
  • Does not include a training, tutorial or course
  • Does not include future updates