Reduced Fee Agreement 


This document provides a framework for offering lower fees to clients whom you would like to work with but are unable to pay your full fee.

When a current or new client experiences financial challenges and we are able to accept a lower fee, we can offer to continue therapy with the support of a reduced fee agreement. The benefit of completing a written agreement is so that both therapist and client understand the boundaries of the agreement. It defines certain parameters including:

  • Reduced Fee
  • Description of Services
  • Length of Agreement
  • Any Constraints such as time limits
  • Renegotiation terms

Having an agreement means the client understands the limitations and benefits of the offer, and therapists are able to check in whether the reduced fee is still necessary at regular intervals.


This document is

  • Customisable and editable manually
  • Reviewed by lawyers 2020
  • Format updated September 2021

This document is not

  • is not a sliding scale agreement
  • is not a sliding scale table
  • is not mandatory but is helpful!

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