Session Note/ Treatment Plan 


Five minute session notes are possible with this structured table format template! Also appropriate for use as a treatment plan.

With prompts and examples, you will remember the essential information, keep track of things to follow up and be able to complete your documentation in record time.

Some therapists keep long process notes and others are brief and minimal. This template allows space for both, while providing a structure that will serve us in both remembering important information and considering our supervision needs.

The form is based on SOAP note structure with the following sections:

  • Themes
  • Medical
  • Subjective
  • Objective
  • Assessment
  • Plan
  • Interventions
  • Concerns
  • Resources
  • To Do

Further questions are included and the template can be edited for use as a treatment plan, progress report or clinical session note.


I have also collected 125 useful descriptive words from my notes and added them in a table in case you get stuck and need some inspiration!


This document is

  • In table format
  • Offers brief examples
  • Reviewed by lawyers 2020
  • Updated format and examples September 2021

This document is not

  • A glossary or dictionary of treatment terms
  • A reference list
  • Specific to any niche

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