Invoice/ Receipt Template 


For when you don’t feel like Googling what needs to be included or creating tables in Excel, here’s a template for use as an invoice or receipt. Add categories you need like insurance information or use as is for manual invoicing procedures.

This is an invoice template with space to input client details, appointment dates and fees along with payment instructions. When invoicing for services, there are requirement for information we should include, such as our registered address and invoice number. This invoice references and includes all required information for businesses in the United Kingdom.
It is presented in table format including:
  • Client Details
  • Description of Services
  • Location of Services
  • Payment Instructions
  • Therapist Details

When clients ask for a receipt, this template just needs a couple of quick edits to turn it into a Paid Receipt. And for US and international therapists with clients hoping to submit their invoices for insurance repayment, you can add lines to include insurance details or diagnostic codes, or use our Health Insurance Form template.


This document is

  • Includes information required by HMRC in the UK
  • Customisable and editable manually
  • Updated August 2021

This document is not

  • Is not a Health Insurance Form  
  • Does not automatically calculate your totals or taxes
  • Is not automated for your systems

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