Introductory Call Script 


This template offers a framework for your first call to see if you are a good match along with script suggestions for your initial greeting, introduction to the risk assessment, fees or insurance arrangements, referrals and how to introduce your cancellation policy.

When a potential client enquires, we can invite them to a short introductory call to see if the way we work would best support them at this time. This document includes a printable form with the following categories:

  • Guidance for Use
  • Introduction
  • Risk
  • Practical Information
  • Follow Up Notes

A complete script for the call follows, including wording suggestions for discussing previous therapy, suicide risk, hopes, fees, cancellation policy and next steps.

You can literally read through the script and edit to make it sound like you and you have your introductory screening call planned out!

BONUS SCRIPT: Answerphone message script included so you don’t have to re-record a billion times over!


This document is

  • Including a form and script
  • Including follow up questions
  • Reviewed by lawyers 2020
  • Format and script updated September 2021

This document is not

  • Is not a training course or guide
  • It does not require a client's signature or commitment
  • It is not niche-specific

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