The documents provided are for your own purposes only and are standard documents which have not been specifically adapted to the particular needs or circumstances of your practice area.

Private Practice Paperwork does not provide specific advice with regards to the content of the documents and you must always exercise your own independent and professional judgment when completing the documents and/or taking any action in connection with it.

Lawyer Updates

Thanks so much for checking out my paperwork shop! I wrote these in 2018 and had them reviewed by lawyers in 2019 and 2020. 

We did some updates to the privacy documents post-Brexit and created Website Terms of Use and Website Privacy Policy in March 2021 with lawyers.

I do not plan to do any more lawyer reviews unless I need them for my practice. I have added review dates to each product page along with a very clear IS and IS NOT disclaimers for each individual document, to avoid any misunderstandings.

The ones that will likely need updates in years to come, whether you buy them here or create them yourself, are Privacy Policies [GDPR] and possibly Covid Policies.


I have overhauled the formatting again in September 2021 and now all documents are Arial font, left aligned, size 11. You shouldn't have to edit too much in terms of how it is presented.

Adding more documents

These are the documents I use in my practice and unless I expand into other areas, I don't have any plans to add more documents to the shop.

Sales and Discounts

I think I have only done one sale campaign and it was wildly unsuccessful! Occasionally, some documents may be on sale in the shop due to therapists' needs (e.g. Covid policies), or my need to recoup fees. I calculate fees based on the lawyers' fees and the running costs of hosting and maintaining the site, keeping in mind that the national average therapy fee in the UK is £50/session. My paperwork pack cost is equivalent to ten hours at that fee, and it took many, many more hours to create, edit and review. It's an investment that lasts our whole career!