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Dot Your i's and Cross your t's

In this download, I share my essential documents in private practice, my Five Best Friends. I include a checklist of everything I use in my practice and give you a helping hand working through your documentation blocks. With a few Tips and Tricks and my list of Confidence Boosters, this short and beautiful workbook will encourage and motivate you on the road to ethical compliance!

My name is Tamara and I'm an integrative psychotherapist in private practice in London and Paris. This FREE 10 page workbook is a helping hand from me to you on the documentation and private practice journey.

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What to look out for!

As well as guidance, this workbook includes prompts from my signature course, Learn to Love Online Therapy.

The beautifully designed pages cover:

  • My Five Best Friends (the essentials!)
  • My Paperwork Checklist
  • Discover Your Document Blocks
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Confidence Boosters (the documents that help us feel taken care of)
  • Note Taking Guidance
  • Inspirational Quote (of course!)

BONUS CHECKLIST: In case you are writing your own Therapy Contract, I’m including a one page checklist for you to check all your bases are covered!


This document is

  • A 10 page workbook and information guide
  • Tells you my five essential documents for private practice
  • Includes prompts from inside my signature course Learn to Love Online Therapy
  • Created by Tamara September 2021

This document is not

  • Is not a lawyer reviewed document
  • Is not for sale
  • If you print it out, you may want to exclude the cover page to save colour ink!
  • Is for one person. Please do not share.